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Guardian Anthology is Live!


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(¸.•´ (¸.  New Release!
GUARDIAN Anthology is Live! 
 Guardian: A Collection of Alpha Wolves 

HAUNTED WOLF - is about love, loss, second chances, a man haunted by his past, and a ruthless killer targeting shifters.
 Synopsis -
A broken pack.
A dangerous rogue killer.
A wolf haunted by his past.
Cole Baxter blames himself for the tragedy that struck Cedar Creek three years ago and cost the lives of several wolves in his pack. Forced into exile, he’s become almost feral . . . until the one person he promised to protect becomes the target for a ruthless shifter.
Now Cole must return to the pack he swore never to face again and the younger sister of the girl who died because of his choices.
Will he be able to stop the rogue killer in time and protect Briar? Or is Cole forever haunted by his tragic past?

 Guardian: A Collection of Alpha Wolves 
 Anthology Blurb:
Join the pack with this collection of wolf shifters.
Turn the page and dive into worlds filled with sexy wolf shifters and thrilling tales. Whether you're looking for romance or adventure, there's something within these pages.
These heroes are nothing like the big bad wolf, but only in the best way.
 Featuring stories from:
Nicole Morgan
Laura Greenwood
Laurie Treacy
Lori Titus
Tina Glasneck
Arizona Tape
Donna R. Mercer
Misha Carver
Kat Parrish
Harper phoenix
Tricia Schneider
Nikki Landis
Krista Ames
Trinity Hanrahan
Deelylah Mullin
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Prophecy of Magic Anthology

Prophecy of Magic features over 20 full length paranormal and urban fantasy romance novels including stories from NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

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Prophecy of Magic Anthology: A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection

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New Events by KL Ramsey, Jax Hart & Linny Lawless!

Kiki Reader PA Services & More is excited to share several new events / promotional opportunities. I am thrilled to be working with some amazing authors and would be honored if you would join us for the following Events.

Thank you for all you do to support Authors and their work.

Owner - Kiki Reader PA Services & More

 New Events

Cover Reveal, Release Blitz & Blog Tour Sign Up 
True North by K.L. Ramsey
Second Chance Summer Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Reveal - May 1, 2019
Release Blitz - May 14 - 16, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option - May 17 - May 22, 2019

Signup Form: https://forms.gle/9oUTLparnpU9S3hr9
Book Information 
I found her.
She had no idea who she was, or any memory of her past. All she had was me.

For a year I was her everything, and she was mine. Fun-filled days, and passionate nights—we had it all.

Then one cruel twist of fate erased our entire year together. One second, and it was all gone.

Now she no longer remembers me. My name. My voice. My touch. Nothing. But I remember. I remember everything, and I refuse to let go.

My gut is telling me her past has finally caught up with her. Someone is trying to take her from me, but that won’t happen.

I’ll do everything I can to keep her. If I have to move heaven and hell to do it, I will.  
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THE CHASE by Jax Hart
A Billionaire searches for love.
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult Romance/ Dark Romance

Cover Reveal - May 6, 2019
Release Blitz May 27 - 29, 2019
Blog Tour with Review Option - May 30 - June 3, 2019

Signup form: https://forms.gle/1SDRPsvRPscKEH8W9

Book Information 

I was born this way.




Even men cower in my presence, sensing the danger in me.

So why does this slip of a girl invade my thoughts?

Somehow she got past my defenses... and the only way to regain control is to make her bend.

But when things don't bend—they break.

She wouldn’t bend.

I refused to break.

From AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR, JAX HART comes a tale of cat and mouse. A story of a dangerous man and the lengths he goes to find the one woman who is an enigma to him.

***PART OF THE DOM DIARIES ANTHOLOGY*** By League of Extraordinary Authors

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Jax-Hart/e/B0711XTMDN?
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SilverfoxPapi/
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Release Blitz & Blog Tour 
Struck in the Crossfire by Linny Lawless
Genre: MC Romance

Release Blitz - May 25 - 27, 2019
Blog Tour with Review option - May 28 - June 2, 2019

Signup Form: https://forms.gle/No2GJDKwtLfYJJke8

Book Information 
A club member’s betrayal killed those that I loved, and revenge is the only justice you serve because that’s all you have left. You keep fighting and keep breathing, even when you’re empty of any soul. I had to fight and kill to earn the President patch of the BERZERKERS MC. We rule our criminal empire of underground fighting. Money and blood are all that’s important to me now. The brazen dark-haired spitfire named Izzy made a stupid choice to steal from my club and now I’m obligated to deal out her punishment and decide her fate. But it’s not easy when she ignites this basic primal need to protect her instead.

I survive this outlaw MC world of fighting, killing and gambling. It was the hand I was dealt in life. And when you’re desperate to keep the ones you love safe and alive, you will do anything. I come face-to- face with the devil himself – Stryker – the President of the BERZERKERS MC. His hard body is quick and lethal. His dark eyes are empty of any kindness or mercy. But there’s something else I do see in him, and it kindles a strange warmth straight to my shielded and tattered heart.

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In Azure Dreams by Author Jim Proctor

hosting In azure Dreams .jpg

New Release, In Azure Dreams by Author Jim Proctor
In Azure Dreams is AVAILABLE NOW!

Read FREE with KindleUnlimited

Delve into six stories from the paranormal realm…

In story one, Mark buys a house for half the market value. He’s thrilled with the deal, but he has no idea he’s about to discover the full cost. As they say, “Let the buyer beware.”

In story two, Eric obsesses over discovering the meaning of life. Given how thick-headed and self-absorbed he is, it will take someone else to spell it out for him in big, bold letters.

In story three, Carly has just about given up on life, but she’ll learn Fate isn’t finished with her, and is shuffling the cards to deal her new hand.

In story four, Arthur teeters between two places at once. Reality has split his existence into two parallel realities, and he doesn’t even know it. Unfortunately, life will only offer one solution to his problem.

In story five, Senja and Petre make the scientific discovery of a lifetime—a planet teeming with life. Among the ruins of a lost civilization, a new discovery will make them rethink everything they know about their own history.

In story six, Samantha works hard and makes just enough money to get by with little to spare. When her company has a big celebration and she needs to buy a gift for her boss, she’ll get a taste of buyer’s remorse when she ignores her instincts and buys a gift from a strange little shop that hadn’t been there only yesterday.

What you can’t see can hurt you.

azure dreams house TEASER.jpg

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in azure dreams open paperback

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Jim Proctor has worked as a research engineer and scientist for more than 36 years. An avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy since high school, he began writing his first novel around 2009. He also enjoys writing short stories, and loves a good plot twist.

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Rock Her Long by Alyson Hale ~ Cover Reveal

Title: Rock Her Long 
Author: Alyson Hale 
Genre: Rockstar Romance 
Series: Rock Her #3 
Release Date June 3rd 

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After my faith in love was smashed to smithereens, I thought no one could ever break down my walls again, but then I came face-to-face with an angel…

Elyza Calloway is everything a woman should be: effervescent, adventurous and sexy as hell. I shouldn’t want her. She’s young, perfect and pure: everything I’m not. 

I swore I’d never try a long-distance relationship again, but for my angel, I was willing to make an exception. Then my past came back to haunt me, and Elyza got hurt in the process. Now she despises me, and I’m going to have to win her back. I don’t care what it takes; I’m going to convince her I’m in this for the long game.


I’ve always felt inferior to everyone around me, but when my idol, Eddie Turner, looks at me, I swear I become the only woman on planet Earth. He makes me feel alive, like following my dreams isn’t so impossible after all. But after all the times I’ve been hurt by men who were supposed to love me, I can’t trust him, especially since he did what he did.
Eddie has no idea what he’s in for, falling for a broken girl like me, but that sure hasn’t stopped him from calling me his...
NOTE: This 18+ rockstar romance is 35,000 word standalone read. Each book in the Rock Her Series can be read independently of the others, but much like the Bangers and their strong women, they’re better together.

Alyson Hale is a passionate contemporary/erotic romance author from the American South. Her weaknesses are rock stars, billionaires, and alpha males. She is married to a strong, stubborn family man who shows up in almost every book boyfriend she writes. Alyson is also a mother to one human child, one canine child, and one feline child. 

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Blog Tour ~ Size of His Shoes by Ted Evans

Title: Size OF His Shoes A Billionaire Office Romance 
Author: Ted Evans 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Size Matters #1

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The bigger his shoes, the bigger his c***

That’s how the theory goes, but who knows if it’s true? My first experience in the bedroom was so bad that when it was over, well, let's just say I wasn't sure that I'd even lost my virginity. You'd think the boy I'd spent my entire childhood dreaming over would give me a better experience than that, but that's not what happened. Then he had the nerve to ask me if it was good for me? Um, sure? 

Girl, it was time to go! So that's what I did, I grabbed my things, and I got out of Dodge. 

My BFF, Gail, told me I should have looked at his shoes. Abe 's feet were small, so it made sense that his, ahem, tool was small too. It's all just a blur after that, and somehow I ended up with a ring on my finger and he's talking about babies, and inside I'm tearing apart. I'd dreamed of this my whole life, but now? No, just no, I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with this...boy. What I need is a man, a man that knows what he's doing and how to make sure a girl is in NO doubt about whether she'd done the deed or not. 

That's why, when Gail decides to head off to the city I run away with her. Literally, I ran as fast as I could, after I told him I was only going for a week. Six months later I don't have a job, Abe 's badgering me to come home, and I'll take any job that keeps me in the city. 

Enter the biggest pair of shoes I've ever seen on a man. Gail's boss is having some kind of party and wants a singer. Gail, the girl that loves to hear me sing, told him I had the voice of an angel, and he agrees to let me audition. The problem is, all I can focus on are the size of his shoes. Big shoes, big...well, you know. It plays over and over in my head, and as I focus on those feet, I wonder. Is it true?
I don't know what's going to happen next, all I know is, I really want to find out if the saying is true or not. 
And from that knowing grin, and the promise in it, I know I might just get the chance. 

Author's Note:
It's short, but not that short at 30,000 words with enough sexiness for you to enjoy this novella. Don't worry, it is a standalone novella with no cheating and a very happy ever after!

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Resurfaced Passion by V. Theia ~ Cover Reveal

.•°°•. RESURFACED PASSION Cover Reveal .•°°•.

Finally it's time for Paige and Reaper's book. Are you ready to #ReapThePassion ?

Title: Resurfaced Passion
Author: V. Theia.
Series: Book 6 - Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga Series.
Genre: MC Romance
Trope: A love that would never quit. 

Release Date:  June 2, 2019. 


Reaper was the unknown biker around the Renegade Souls MC. They said he ghosted his silence into the woodwork, carrying his secret past close to his chest, never confiding his pain in anyone.

“𝐈’đĨđĨ 𝐚đĨ𝐰𝐚𝐲đŦ, 𝐚đĨ𝐰𝐚𝐲đŦ đĨđ¨đ¯đž 𝐲𝐨𝐮.”

He had reasons for everything he’d done. For the one he called his priority. Nothing was too much. Even murder.
Loyal to his club, he knew one day if he had to choose between them and her, he’d walk away without a backward glance. 

𝐓𝐡𝐞đĢ𝐞’đŦ 𝐧𝐨 đĻ𝐚𝐝𝐧𝐞đŦđŦ đĨđĸ𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐛đĸ𝐤𝐞đĢ 𝐨𝐛đŦ𝐞đŦđŦ𝐞𝐝

The bikers called her diner girl but to Reaper, Paige was the woman he watched intensely without ever asking her for a date. They shared an overprotective – borderline possessive friendship but years later, Paige was still alone. Still worshipping him from afar. Still inexplicably drawn to the biker.

“𝐓𝐡𝐞đĢ𝐞’đŦ 𝐭𝐡đĢ𝐞𝐞 𝐩𝐞𝐨𝐩đĨ𝐞 đĸ𝐧 đĻ𝐲 đĢ𝐞đĨ𝐚𝐭đĸ𝐨𝐧đŦ𝐡đĸ𝐩; đĻ𝐞, 𝐡đĸđĻ 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐞đĢ.”

The past isn’t always better left behind.
Sometimes it needs to resurface in order to have a future with the man who brought passion.

Loving the quiet man was the easiest thing on earth, like she was made only for him.
But secrets had a habit of coming back and making a love that was unbreakable suddenly…fragile.

𝐃đĸđŦ𝐜đĨ𝐚đĸđĻ𝐞đĢ: This is not, not, NOT a cheating book. For the people in the back, this is not a cheating book. Stop hiding, it’s completely safe.


Dirty Salvation: mybook.to/DirtySalvation
Hades Novella: mybook.to/Hades
Mistletoe and Outlaws: mybook.to/MistletoeAndOutlaws

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