Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hot Cowboy Love!

Cattle Valley: Bad Boy Cowboy

Bad Boy Cowboy (Cattle Valley)

Carol Lynne (Author)

     Jax is a cowboy through and through. Logan is Jax's little brother's best friend. He has been in love with Jax since he was a teenager. Logan rides in on a motorcycle in the begin of the story. He came looking for a job with Jax on the ranch. Both of these characters have secrets that they don't want to share with the other person. This story is about how Logan and Jax come to love and trust each other. 

    I really enjoyed how the author developed the men's relationship and story. Logan is, in my opinion, a little bit dominate, which I loved. There are many wonderful moments in this book. The sex scenes are hot, steamy and scrumptious. Let me just say the last chapter was my favorite!!! Whoa!

MM = Yes, Yum!
Heat / Sizzle = 5 Star!
Romance = 5 Stars!
Overall = 5 Stars!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hot Biker. Quick Read!

Biking Bad

Biking Bad

Morticia Knight (Author)

     Zero is a hot biker with a sensitive side. Dylan is a young, shy man, who is trying to make in the world. The sexual tension between Zero and Dylan is very hot. I love how Dylan would get nervous and flustered, when he was around Zero. He and Zero have had similar past as teenagers. I really love how protective Zero became with Dylan. 

    There were very steamy sex. Yum. The two characters made a great couple in my opinion. I just wish that it was longer. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a hot biker story.

5 Stars!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Captor / Captive Steamy Read

Getaway Girl

Getaway Girl

Isabet Sarai (Author)

     Peg works in the local pub and meets a handsome stranger one night. Lionel/Bert claims to be a free-lance journalist in town, because of the discovery of a Viking cache. She is very attracted to him and hopes to see Lionel again. When there is a robbery, Peg is taken captive and forced to help the men find a place to hide out. Peg being a strong, feisty woman thinks ahead to try to escape. While Jack is passed out due to Peg actions, She tries to convince Lionel to let her go. He decides to tie Peg to the bed.

     It gets very hot and steamy!!! It is hard to tell if the captor or the captive is in charge!! I really enjoyed this book. I wish it could have been longer, because I would like to know what happened to Peg and Lionel. I would recommend this to everyone for a fun, quick read.

 4 1/2 stars

Friday, January 2, 2015

Love x 3

Professor Sandwich (Campus Cravings Book 19)

Professor Sandwich

Carol Lynne (Author)

      Rusty has loved/lusted after Professor Adam for years, but doesn't want to come between him and his partner/lover Professor Manuel. Both professors want Rusty to join them in their bed and in their lives. Four years later, Rusty is attacked, and the professors step in to help. Later that night Rusty walks in on them having sex and runs back to his room. It was very steamy sex too. Rusty eventually reveals a secret and let's them know that he is worried about jealousy and fighting. Manual and Adam try to woo / date Rusty separately, which is quite funny. The three eventually start dating and dealing with Rusty's relatives who are out for his money / fortune. Rusty is still dealing with the loss of his parents. These three form their own unique relationship.
     I give the story itself an overall 3.5 stars, because I really didn't care for the ending. I felt like it just sort of stopped. Like you feel off a cliff. It didn't explain how they solved their sexual issues. I would give the love, caring, loyalty and sex between the three characters an overall 4.4 stars. I have read another book by this author and would read others. Professor Sandwich just has me wanting more.

Menage = yes
MMM = yes
Teacher / Student Relationship = yes
Heat/Sexy = 4 1/2 Stars!
Recommend To Others = yes
Overall = 3 1/2 Stars!