Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Gambler, A Fighter, & A Detective Make An Interesting Triad!

Fighting For Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 2) 

Roxie Noir (Author)

4  Wolf Shifter Stars!

          This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Fighting For Wolves is a story about 2 wolves shifter / men and a new woman in town. It has love, romance, ménage, mystery, murder, and a HEA.  
    *possible spoiler*

         Grace Macauley (Grey) is new to town. She teaches kindergarten and gambles in an underground poker game. One night after leaving the poker game, Grey finds a dead body. She has a gambling problem.  So finding a dead body and other reasons doesn't stop Grey from going back to or thinking about going back to the underground poker game. Grey is a good girl by day and participates  in illegal activities at night.
         Dane Sorenson is a detective for the Rustvale Police Department. He is a follow the rules kind of guy. Dane is now having to investigate a homicide. It is the first murder that the town has had in 30 years. Dane and Issac are both wolf shifters and mates. Issac Yates is a former champion wolf fighter. He is now an accountant, but he continues to think about fighting. Issac wants to go back into the ring one more time for the adrenaline and the money, so he says. He is too afraid to tell Dane about his decision for one last fight. Dane is still has a bad boy in him.

         Grey meets Issac and Dane at different times, but feels an instant connection with both men. Issac and Dane feel that they have found their third mate. Now Dane just have to work on finding the murderer and clearing Grey's name.

         My favorite scene is the one in the jailhouse / holding cell. I loved the chemistry between Grey, Dane, and Issac. I appreciated that the author made Grey character gutsy enough to go to Issac's fight. I like that Grey wanted to be there for him even though it could look bad for her.

* Received this book for an unbiased review*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sexy "Former" Nerd, Bad Boy Turned Stay At Home Mate, & Feisty Saloon Owner = HOT Read!

Running With Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 1)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

*Possible Spoiler*

     Running With Wolves is another great story by Roxie Noir. It is the first book in the Shifter Country Wolves series.  Since this is the first book, the reader is given the back story or the development of the characters and their pasts. It features a triad of wolf shifters. This book has steamy menage scenes, action, suspense, and romance. It is definitely a must read. 

     Greta Waltz is the owner of Tooth & Claw Saloon and to the horror of her parents still single. Greta is the daughter of the pack alpha. She has fiery personality and is strong, independent woman. Greta is not easily intimidated or too scared to break up a bar fight, but does have a vulnerable side. She has been getting a weird vibe from Zeke, a shifter wolf, who is a regular at her bar. Greta constantly turns down his advances.

      The "former" nerd Elliott Whiting has moved back to town with his mate, Shane. They have a run into Greta at her bar, after Shane gets into a bar fight. Greta is the one to break up it up. Elliott left town to attend college and become a professor. He has changed and longer looks like the nerdy boy that Greta went to school with. Shane and Elliott met and fell in love. The men want to find a third mate.Shane has a anger issue and has not been in a pack like Elliott and Greta have. Shane does enjoy cooking for Elliott and and being a stay at home mate. 

      When they run into Greta, Elliott and Shane are sure that she is meant to be their mate. Shane and Elliott try to date Greta, but things don't go smoothly for them. Someone does not want Greta to be with the men. She also is having family struggles as well and needs some wolf time.  

       All three of the characters have strengths and weakness, but together they make each better and stronger. Elliott and Greta have things that they have not told their families about (whether it is their feelings or occupation). I love the chemistry between Shane, Elliott and Greta. I loved the character, Greta. I can't wait to read the next book and find out about Dane, Zeke's brother.

*I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review.*


Spunky, Curvy, Good Girl Takes On Rowdy, Sexy, Bad Boy! ❤️

Hawk (BBW and Biker Romance Short)

Mona Bliss (Author)

4 Hot Biker Stars! 

      Angela is the typical "good girl" that lives next to the notorious Sons of the Phoenix biker gang clubhouse. She is works long shifts at the hospital and tired of all the noise next door. Angela has been raised to be proper and well  behaved. 

      Hawk is the leader of Sons of the Phoenix. One night the club throws a birthday party for Hawk. The bikers get very loud and rowdy. When they leave on their bikes, they disturb Angela's sleep.

      Angela reaches her limit and decides that she has had enough. Angela marches over to give Hawk a piece of her mind. Hawk is surprised to see Angela at his door. He thinks she is sexy and loves her feistiness. Both of them have watched or noticed the other from afar. Angela doesn't think that Hawk would be attracted to her. 

      The chemistry between Angela and Hawk is very hot. This is a quick, sexy read. I recommend this book to anyone who loves bad, boys or bikers. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sexy Guardian! Yum!

Guardian by Mona Bliss

Guardian: A BBW and Biker Romance Short

Mona Bliss (Author)

4 Sizzling Stars!

     Clara owns a small bookstore that keeps getting robbed. She asks Brock, a biker with the Inferno Riders, to help her out. Brock and Clara find themselves drawn to each other.
     This is a quick, sexy read. I would like to know what happens for these two next. Overall I enjoy this story, and everyone can use a sexy guardian.

Alpha Male = Yes
Bad Boy Biker = Yes
Damsel In Distress = Yes
Sexy / Hotness = 5 Stars
Short Story = Yes
Plot = 4 Stars
Overall Story = 4 Stars
Pros = Steamy read with slightly different take (Plot) than I have read before, Great chemistry between the characters
Cons = Call me crazy, but the characters got freaky way too soon, I wish the story was longer 

Now that I have discovered this author, I will definitely read more of her books!!

Win A Weekend With Bad Boy Escort, Lance = 3 1/2 Stars

Bad Boy Delivery by Devyn Morgan

Bad Boy Delivery

Devyn Morgan (Author)

       Lance Long is a sexy alpha male that works for Bad Boy Escort Agency. He has women practically falling at his feet. Jarrett has women flirting with him everyday at work. Lance is not into relationships, and neither man is into men. A misunderstanding throws both Lance and Jarrett for a loop and makes them reconsider what they believe about themselves sexually. 

       This is a quick read with a bad boy who falls for his client. There was some mistakes (spelling, etc), but I was still able to enjoy the story. M/M Romance 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Gambling With Gabriella Is A Billion Dollars Bet!


Gambling With Gabriella (Menage MfM Romance Novel) (Playing For Love Book 2)

Tara Crescent (Author)

5 Sexy Stars!

     Gabriella is a sassy, independent woman. She gambles in underground poker circles / houses. The thrill of gambling is Gabby's way of distracting herself from her loneliness. After losing big one night, Gabby has to find a way to come up with $100,000. While in Atlantic City, Gabby runs into two men from her past. They have been starring in her dreams as well.

      Dominic and Carter are surprise to see the woman that they made love to a few months before. After the three spent the night together, "Ella", Gabby, was gone the next morning. They haven't stopped thinking about her either. The men are dealing with their own crisis at the time. Carter's nephew has been taken / kidnapped by his no good father. The men have been searching for the boy and are frantic with worry.

     Dominic, Carter and Gabriella strike a deal / bargain to help each other out. The men let Gabby know how they feel about her. Gabby has hard bad luck with men and doesn't trust easily. Dominic and Carter want to prove to her that not all men are the same.

    The three characters have great chemistry and can't keep their hands to themselves. The author does a great job with letting us get to know the characters and giving us sizzling / steamy scenes. This story has romance and mystery with a touch of bossy males. I loved it and would highly recommend it.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.* I loved this story so much that I have purchased this book.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Jagger Is A Rock Star With A Sweet & Sexy Side!

Jagger: A Stepbrother Romance

Olivia Hawthorne (author)

       Jagger is a wealthy rock star, who is used to women chasing after him. Jessa, JJ, is a straight A college student. Jagger and Jessa are step siblings. They have struggled to get along, since they were teenagers. Jagger and Jessa are tasked with supervising / chaperoning their little sister and her friends on a trip to Paris. Jessa is not happy about having to be around Jagger. Many memories are made, both good and bad, while they were in Paris. Once Jagger and Jessa get home, there are misunderstandings and people standing in the way of their happiness.

     Jagger is a stepbrother romance told in dual POV (rotating each chapter). This book has a different storyline or plot than others out there, in my opinion. I love Jagger and how he fights for his relationship with Jessa. I appreciate that the author gave us a view into the whole relationship of Jagger and Jessa (past, present and future). I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a rock star with a sweet, kind heart.

4 1/2 Steamy Stars!

*I received this arc book in exchange for an honest review.*

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Female Hiker & Naked Man + Secret Mate = Great Shifter Menage

A Bear's Secret
Roxie Noir (author)

4 1/2 Stars!

Sloane Garcia was hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do it, after losing her job and breaking up with her boyfriend. Sloane discovers a young man in the woods with a dart/needle in his neck. After yelling for help, a naked man comes to her aid.

 Austin Leed is a bear shifter that works on a wolf ranch called Double Moon Ranch. Austin has a mate that he is unable to tell his family about or claim as his own in public. After responding to Sloane's call for help, Austin feels that she could be the one and wants his mate to meet her.

Sloane had plan to spend a few days at Double Moon Ranch. Sloane doesn't know much about shifters, but she is attracted / interested in Austin. While spending a nice day with Austin and his mate and letting her guard down, Sloane has the day ruined. Since she found the young man, the police are quick to accuse and arrest Sloane. This causes Austin and his mate to decide what is important. The men must decide what secrets need to be exposed to save / protect Sloane and themselves as mates.

There are many secrets, both good and bad, that come out in this story. The characters learn important  (life) lessons through out. (Whether it is to believe in herself and your dreams, to help others in need, & it ok to love who you want to love, etc). This is a wonderful end to the series, but can be read as a stand alone. Great ménage shifter read!

*I was gifted with this book in exchange for an unbiased review *

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bailey, Sebastian & Daniel = A Bet On Love! ❤️

Betting On Bailey
Tara Crescent (author)

Bailey is a smart, sassy curvy woman. After breaking up with boyfriend and wanting some revenge, she joins a pool league. Sebastian and Daniel notice Bailey the moment she walks in to the club. Sebastian is a celebrity chef, who enjoys playing pool with his best friend. Daniel is a billionaire businessman that runs the family company. He plays pool to relax.

Together they discover each others' strengths and weaknesses. They learn to empower each other and themselves. Along the way Bailey, Daniel and Sebastian find love and what is most important in life. There are problems / people to be dealt with and of course steamy sex.

Betting On Bailey is a refreshing story in my opinion, because the plot is different (new) from other stories. I loved how the author had the characters get past their insecurities and support each other. This is a great read, and I loved it. I can't wait for the next one.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bad boy chef or a bossy billionaire businessman. Yum
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

POV =  3rd person multiple POV, (each chapter rotated POV)
Ménage = yes MFM
Story / Plot = 5 Stars
HEA = yes
Sexy / Hot Level = 5 Stars
Recommend To Others = definitely

Sunday, November 29, 2015

CJ & Ellie = A Sweet & Touching Read

My Cowboy Soldier

Gillian Cherry (author)

4 Sweet Stars!

         CJ Reynolds and Ellie Carter are childhood sweethearts. They decide to elope instead of going to prom. CJ tells Ellie that he was decided to join and has already enlisted in the Marines. She is worried, but Ellie will support CJ regards of her family's tragic history. CJ wants to explain to Ellie's mother the reasons for joining the military. Ellie and CJ have a short time together before he heads out, but life has a way of caring on regardless. Ellie's mother finds out that Ellie is pregnant and worries what the future holds for the young couple.

           This is a sweet and touching story that many people can relate to. I laughed and shed tears (okay I cried.) while reading this story. I would love to know what happens in the future for these characters.

     ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. **

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Call Me A Sexy Bad Boy

Call Me Killer: A Bad Boy Romance

Linda Barlow (author)

4 Stars!

         Griff is a bad boy who seem to have everything going for him. Everything changes when the girl Griff is seeing disappears, and everyone believes that he murdered her. One rainy night while at a gas station, Griff gives a ride to a girl in need. Rory is trying to get away from a man with a gun and a shovel. Griff lets her stay the night at his place.

         Rory is an MIT student and a computer hacker. She learns or "discovers" what people think about Griff. She can't believe that her rescuer would be capable of such a thing. Rory decides to prove that he is innocent. She starts using her computer skills to find info about the case. Rory attract unwanted attention from the authorities. She knows that Griff has had a hard time / life and wants help him.

 Rory is a smart, sassy and independent girl with secrets of her own. She is tough and will take anyone on. Griff is a sexy bad boy with a dirty mouth and a rough side. He is also smart and has a sensitive side. While trying to find out what happened to Hadley, the girl who disappeared, Griff and Rory visit a secret sex club and have a run in with angry billionaires. These two characters have great sexual chemistry. This story has action and suspense. You get to see the good and bad side of the main characters. There are secrets that get revealed / exposed. This is in my opinion a slightly different take on a bad boy story. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others, who like a dirty talking bad boy.

* I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. *

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shared By Two!

Shared By My Stepbrothers 

Minx MacKenzie (Author)

      3 1/2 Sinfully Sexy Stars!!

    Rhiannon has been interested in her stepbrothers. The twins don't seem interested in her. Rhiannon's friend tells her about a club that she can auction off her v card. Rhiannon is surprised by the winner or winners. John and Dylan are gorgeous, rich men that are used to getting what they want.

     This is a very quick, hot read. There is definitely a happy ending! "Wink"  ; )  I would like to know what happens next for these three.

Ménage = Yes
Taboo = Step siblings
Pro(s) = Very Hot Scene(s)
Con(s) = Short For The Price, Only One Main Scene With The Triad
Recommend = Yes
Hot / Sexness = 4 1/2 Stars
Story Overall = 3 1/2 Stars

4 1/2 Stars! It had me Sold!!

Sold To The Man In The Second Row

Mia Sorrows (Author)

    Chris and Ryan are very much in love, but are in need of money. They heard about a club that is having an auction. Ryan volunteers to be auctioned off. Chris insisted that he be present to watch everything. Yum!! Brendon wins Ryan in the kinky auction. Then the three men go to a room in the back of the club for a good time.

     This is my first book by this author. I loved the story concept and the characters. It was a quick read with lots of steam. "Wink, Wink".  Great sex scene! I hope that there is a future book with these three characters in it. I will look for more books by this author.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Librarian and Her 2 Bears!

A Bear's Journey (Shifter Country Bears Book 4)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

      A Bear's Journey is the fourth book in the Shifter Country Bears series. It can be read as a stand alone. A Bear's Journey is the story of Olivia, who as introduced in the last book in the series. There are some twists and turns (or mystery). This is a fast paced, sizzling romance.      

*Possible Spoiler*

      Olivia Lessing is a bear shifter, who has been feral for 10 years. She is still working on adjusting to life in her human form again. Olivia struggles everyday with being around other people and communicating with people. She has to fight to not shift (to her bear form) and run away. So, Olivia makes lists of all the things that she likes about being human, like peanut butter and hugs.

      Jasper Sargent, the son of Senator Sargent, and his partner and mate Craig have been looking to find third. The men feel that they saw the woman that could complete their triad a few years ago, but have not be able to locate her. Jasper spots the mystery girl/bear, Olivia, behind the library reading. Craig get excited, when he find out that Olivia lives in Cascadia. 

     Jasper and Craig learn that people believe that Olivia is the one that has killed the wolves. This doesn't stop the men for asking Olivia out on a date. Jasper and Craig stand by Olivia. They protect and support her, until Olivia feel more confident in herself. 

     Favorite Quote:
 "Okay," she said. "I think I'm normal again." 
 "You'll never be normal," said Jasper. "It's what we love you for."

      The story of Olivia, Jasper, and Craig is a wonderful story about love and finding the person or people that make you feel complete. In my humble opinion, this story about feeling comfortable in your own skin or being okay to be yourself. I highly recommend this story to anyone. I loved that Roxie had Olivia working in a librarian and loved to read. ; ) 

*I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.*

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sarah & Dimitri = Nonstop Action & A Hot, Sexy Story! A Must Read!

Ruthless: A Mafia Step Brother Romance

Alexis Abbott (Author)

5 Sexy Stars!

          This is a fast-paced, suspense filled story. This story has strong characters, an exciting plot and a happily ever after. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through the book. This is an erotic romance with a tattoo, bad boy who loves to be an alpha male in and out of the bedroom. 
*Possible Spoiler*

          Sarah Fairfax has been struggling the last 2 years since her step mother threw her out. So, Sarah is shocked when she gets a call from her step mother asking to see her. Sarah's step mother wants her to spy on Dimitri, her step brother, in exchange for money. Sarah has always had a crush on Dimitri, but Sarah is also angry with Dimitri for not helping her out when she was homeless. She agrees to spy and report back to her step mother to get revenge on Dimitri. 
          Dimitri Brokov is a dangerous man, a Russian Mobster, and a billionaire. He is has always had feelings for Sarah and has wanted her to be his. Dimitri knows that it is safer for Sarah away from him. When they see each other in the coffee shop, old feelings for both Sarah and Dimitri come back and are reawaken. Dimitri tries to remind Sarah of the last time they saw each while sitting in the coffee shop.

          Sarah has always known that Dimitri was a dangerous and ruthless man. She has known most of his secrets and is not scared of him. After some tragedy, an attempted kidnapping and threats on both their lifes, Dimitri decides that he wants Sarah in his life and in his bed. Sarah is a feisty, smart and gutsy woman, who will take on anyone to be with her man. Dimitri can be very deathly when he needs to be, and he can be very sweet and caring also.

         Be forewarned this story does has some violence and step siblings in a relationship. There is nonstop action and a dominate male, who can be very bad and has a dirty mouth. There are some very hot sex scenes that you may need to fan yourself while you read. Overall, I can't say enough about this story. I highly recommend this book to loves of Alpha Males, Step stories and/or Mafia stories. 

* I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review. *

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wolves, Bears, and Charlie! Oh My!! ; )

A Bear's Mercy (Shifter Country Bears Book 3)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 Stars!

*Possible Spoilers*

         Charlotte Mullins is in Cascadia to capture a feral bear shifter. She has come looking for the feral bear that has been attacking and killing wolf shifters. Charlotte "Charlie" believes that the feral bear shifter is Kade Lessing. She is not afraid of shifter, because Charlie has been around them all her life. While in the woods with Kade in her sights and a gun in her hand, Charlie is attacked by wolves.

       Kade Lessing and his mate, Daniel, live a fairly simple life. Kade has helped feral bear shifters in the past and continues to do it. Daniel is one shifter that was helped by Kade and then fell in love with him. They built a live together until they can find someone to complete their triad. 

       When Kade hears Charlie scream, he runs to her aid. After fighting off the wolves that attacked Charlie, Kade carries her home. Daniel and Kade with the help of his cousin Hunter work on nursing Charlie back to health. On day there is a knock at the door, a swifter wolf has come to ask Kade to trade Charlie for Olivia. When the man / shifter wolf leaves, Charlie wants to know what is going on and who is Olivia. Charlie tells the men her plan to save Olivia, stop who is killing the wolf swifters, and how she will call in the FBI. 

       Charlie is a feisty, strong and independent woman, who didn't like that she had to rely on the men for help when she was injured. Kade is a strong silent type, who cares for others and wants to help those in need. Daniel is a sweet and kind man. He had to try harder than Kade to be understood and also to keep the peace (so to speak). 

       This is the 3rd story in the series and can be read as a stand alone. The story of Kade, Daniel and Charlie revolves more around the characters and their relationship development then the other books, in my opinion. There is still the steamy sex scenes, but you get to know the characters, their stories, their feelings, etc. The build up to the good sex! ; )  I did like that Roxie Noir gave us a chance (again with this book) to see one of the character for a previous book. The introduction of Olivia makes me wonder what is to come next, if anything. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it others.

**I received this arc copy in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my unbiased opinion.**

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Erik and Jackie = Hot in Cancun!!

Russian Enforcer's Burning Obsession (Russian Enforcers Book 5)

Nic Saint (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

     Jackie Bouchard is on vacation with her best friend, Susan, in Cancun. They are enjoying 2 weeks of sunbathing and relaxation, or so they think. The women are being followed and targeted by a group of corrupt cops. Jackie meets a man that she feels is rude, but very gorgeous. When Susan is attacked, Jackie discovers the real reason that Erik is at the resort. 

     Erik Petrov is an enforcer for the Russian Mafia. He and Bruno are at the hotel to get rid of the men that are targeting female tourist. Erik is not much of a talker and could not help, but notice Jackie. He is caught staring at her on many occasions instead of working. When Bruno and Erik take care of the man that attacked Susan, Jackie learns what the men do for a living, but does keep their secret.

     The romance and relationship between Jackie and Erik develops slowly, but the sex scenes are very hot and steamy. Jackie thinks that it is just a summer fling and that nothing will come of it. Jackie and Erik both develop feels for each other, but they are unsure how the other feels. The corrupt cops continue go after and attack Jackie. When she is kidnapped, Erik calls in help from his family. After Erik rescues Jackie, he knows that he wants Jackie is his life always.

     I loved both characters, Jackie and Erik. I am glad that the author let us get a look into the family unit that is the Petrovs (the family dinner). This story had romance, action, hot sex scenes, danger, good guys who are bad guys, and bad guys who are good guys. I recommend this book, especially those who enjoyed any of the other Russian Enforcer books. This book is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. 

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Sunday, October 4, 2015

All Grown Up!

A Man's Job (First Time Gay)

A Man's Job

Van Barrett (Author)

4 Sizzling Stars!

      Victor is home from college for fall break. Nick is a young man that Victor went to school with. Nick now does repairs and handyman type things for the neighbors. Nick sees Victor "relaxing" through his bedroom window. They are both shocked to see each other. It is the start to a steamy read with new discoveries for both characters.

A Hot Bear Menage!

A Bear's Nemesis (Shifter Country Bears Book 2)

Roxie Noir (Author)

5 Sexy Stars!!

       Quinn Taylor has come to Cascadia with her parents to protest. Her parents are leaders of an anti-shifter group. Quinn has been taught to hate shifters all her life.  

       Julius Bloom is a lawyer and grizzly shifter. He is fighting for marriage rights. Hudson Trager is Julius's mate. They both hope to find a women to complete their triad. Julius see and makes eye contact with Quinn on the steps of the courthouse. At the same time, he hears gun shots and runs to cover/protect Quinn. Julius's bear says that she is his mate, and that she needs to be protected. Hudson also feels that Quinn is his mate and perfect to complete their triad.

          Quinn is curious about Julius and Hudson, especially after seeing them kiss. She starts to question her parents and their beliefs. Quinn feels that she needs to do the right thing when she hears about a plot to kill Julius. I loved that Quinn decided to do the right thing, even if it was against her parents. Julius and Hudson are sexy men, who are in love with each other. Quinn is a smart young lady, who will fight for who she loves (and what she believes in).

        This is the book 2, but it can be read as a stand alone story. We get to check back in on Ash, Cora and Hunter. One of my favorite scenes was the picnic. I did appreciate that there is a message (theme) within this story. I think that the author great job with it. This is a steamy, hot read with two sexy men. I love a good menage story, and Roxie Noir never disappoints.  

**I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.**

Menage = Yes 
Hotness / Sexy = 5 Stars !
HEA = Yes
Romance = 5 Stars!
Plot /Story = 5 Stars!
Recommend to others = Yes

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Naughty and Dirty Side = David

Club Secrets USA Book 1 

Layla Wilcox (Author) 

      David Hauser is home on break from college. David is getting ready to go to medical school. While in his bedroom, he goes to use an old computer and discovers it is logged into a porn site. David is shocked to learn that some of the naked photos are of the beautiful and sexy neighbor, Andrea Whitney. She is his mother's friend, and David used babysit for Andrea's children. David has had a crush on her, since he was fifteen years old. While David is enjoying Andrea's photos, his mother walks in on him. Very embarrassing. David learns that Andrea frequents a place called Club Secrets and is on her way there. He goes there in hopes of meeting up with Andrea. Once at Club Secrets, David discovers a very different scene than he is used to, but he does find Andrea. David helps Andrea out, when she is drunk, harassed by a man, and in a scary situation. 

     This is book one of three in the series. Andrea is a woman who is exploring her sexual side. David makes his way through the clubs, in each book. I liked that David is a gentlemen, but has a naughty, dirty side.  I loved his answer to what his medical specialty would be. Hilarious! This is a very steamy and fast read. A fan may be required while reading this story. 

  **I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.** 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Billionaire By Day & Bad Ass Biker By Night

The Billionaire Biker's Bitch 1 (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

The Billionaire Biker's Bitch 1 (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Layla Wilcox (Author)

     On her way out for a girls' night, Claire Davenport is pasted by several bikers. One biker comes way too close to her and seems to checking her out. Later down the road, Claire see the biker again and notices the writing on his shirt. (I personally love it by the way.) While dancing she is approached by a sexy stranger. Claire has a sexual encounter with him without getting his name, but he asked her first name. I love when he calls her "little one". As he walks away, Claire notices the back of his shirt. Claire starts her new job soon as a receptionist, while she finishes her master degree.

     Alexander Harriman is a billionaire CEO of Harriman Motors. When he gives the welcome speech to the new hires, Alexander discovers the girl from the club, Claire is one of his newest employees. The company has a policy of no employee relationships. He invites Claire to come over with her employee manual/rules in one week. Alexander is used to being in charge and getting what he wants.

     Alexander is an alpha male with a sweet side. Claire is a feisty, strong woman. The sexual chemistry and sex scenes are hot and steamy. The last scene was great with the shirt that Claire buys. I can't wait for the next book to see what is next book for Claire and Alex. I love how these two seem to feed off each other. I think that everyone could use an Alex in their life. Yum.

5 Hot, Sexy Stars!!

**I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.**

The Missing Twin

Caustic (Dark Romantic Suspense) (Dark Desires)

Morgan Black (Author)

        Skye Kellan is called to her dying grandfather's bed with a final request. He wants her to find her twin sister, Leia, and bring her home. Leia has been missing, since she check out of the mental institution. Ellis Waters knew Leia, when they were both patients at Connecticut Psychiatric. Skye tracks him down to see if Ellis might know where Leia is. Together Skye and Ellis go looking for Leia. They hope to find her, before someone else more deadly does.

      This story has a lot of suspense and mystery. Many of the characters have secrets and dark pasts that they want kept buried or don't often share. Many of the twists and turns I didn't see coming. Often I thought I knew what would happen next, but I was usually wrong. I loved both main characters, Skye and Ellis. I would like to know what happens in the future for them, if they are able to move on from their pasts and find happiness. I feel that they each deserve that. This book left me desperate for more (like; what happens next, is there a HEA, etc.) I wish that I could say more, but that would give away the story. I recommend that you read it, because you won't be disappointed.

4 1/2 stars

**I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.** 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Men That Light My Fire (Flame)!

Flames of Passion by Roxie Noir

Flames of Passion

Roxie Noir (Author)

       Jackson and Shane are smokejumpers and firefighters. Tessa is a reporter on assignment with the men and their crew. While writing a piece, Tessa realizes that she is attracted to both men. Shane and Jackson are also interested in Tessa. When she goes to investigate a strange noise, she discovers the two men in a tent. Tessa hears them in the throws of passion. She decides to stay and watch. Very juicy!  Jackson and Shane show Tessa what it feels like to share and to watch. I love when Jackson show Tessa how to play the card game, Strip War, in the middle of camp. Tessa has a hard time staying quiet with these two (separately and together). Shane and Jackson are dirty talking, alpha males. The scenes with Jackson and Shane were hot and steamy. I loved the way the story ended with a hea. What girl won't want two sexy men all to herself?!

5 Sexual Stars Rating!

Bi Sexual Men = Yes, and Yum, Yum! 5 Stars!
Menage = Yes, 5 Stars! 
Alpha Males = Yep! Love them! 5 Stars!
HEA = Yes, 5 Stars!
Hotness / Sexy = 5 Stars!
Romance = 5 Stars!
Recommend To Others = Yes!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spitfire and Ben!

Product Details

Warrior (First To Fight Book 1)

Nicole Blanchard (Author)

     Warrior is a story about love, second chances, struggles (both mental and physical), family, and so much more. This book takes the reader on a wild ride through every emotion. I found myself crying one moment and laughing the next. The reader will feel sadness, angry, fear, happiness, and love. This is a book unlike any other that I have read lately, in the best possible way. 

  *Possible Spoilers*

    After time spent in foster care, Olivia was adopted as a young girl into a loving family. Her older brother Jack is very protective of Olivia. One of Jack's best friends is Ben. As a teen, Olivia has a crush on Ben. They shared a kiss, before he went into the military. Ben felt that he would never be good enough for Olivia. He calls Olivia, his sweet spitfire. Ben loves her hair and when she gets fired up / feisty. 

    While home on leave, Ben see Olivia again. They share an incredible night together, before he deploys overseas. Both of them know that they can only have the one night. What they share is very special. When they part the next day, Ben tells Olivia that he knows that he can't ask her to wait for him, but he hopes that she will. 

    Ben comes home a changed man from his experiences, what he has seen, and his injuries. Olivia has changed also (death of family, her own struggles, being attacked, a child with health issues, etc). Olivia is a fighter and a survivor. When Ben comes back into Olivia's life, he wants to protect and keep her and her son safe. Olivia is not sure if she wants to open her heart to Ben again. She is afraid to be hurt again.

     Ben and Olivia are both fiercely loyal and protective of their family. They both have vulnerabilities and fears/demons (like most people). Due to these fears / demons, their are (other twist and turns) events that happen, not for the good in the story. But Ben and Olivia learn to trust each other again for their family and find their happily ever after. 

     This story is told in the POV of both Ben and Olivia. It will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. I hope that I did this story justice with this review, because I LOVED it. I just hope that I expressed myself completely. I highly recommend this book. I am looking forward to the next book. 

**I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.**

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seduced By Chocolate Brown Eyes!

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Seduced (At The Marine Masquerade Ball)

Jamie Klaire (Author)

      Rose goes to the military masquerade ball. She looking for some fun (adventure). Rose knows what will happen if her father finds out what she is doing. She seems to feel braver with the mask on. Rose daydreams/fantasize about a man, that she sees there, with chocolate, brown eyes. Later Rose has a dance with the man. Soon Rose and her mystery man end up in a room behind the curtain while the ball keeps going. These two never speak to each other or remove their masks.

      I did enjoy this story, but I wish it was longer. I'm greedy that way. I would have liked to know that the story continues for these two (with what they shared). Overall, I did like the mystery of it all. It is a steamy, sexy read.

 4 Sexy Stars!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Willow and Teddy = Sexy Read!

Boned on Bluecreek: A Back Roads Novella

Moxie Darling (Author)

          Boned on Bluecreek is the second book in the series. This book can be read as a stand alone. There is a follow up or insight on Clover and her men, Eustace and Jim
       Willow Spencer decides to go to West Virginia to visit her friend, Clover, after receives a letter from her.  Clover has been living in the backwoods and asked Willow to come there. Willow will be working as a nanny for a widow with three children. She is a hippy / wild child with a free love attitude. Willow is instantly attracted to Teddy. 

       Teddy is still reeling from the death of his wife and not sure how to interact with Willow or his children. Teddy doesn't really talk and is very standoffish to Willow. She tries to get his attention without much success, until she looks to another for some sexual attention. Teddy doesn't like that very much, and things change between them after that. 

     Willow is a woman who just wants to be loved for who she is. Teddy is a man who is not sure how to move on with his life. These two help each other grow and change in positive ways. They both discover the other person's sensitive side and vulnerability. Teddy and Willow each had fears and doubts, but they accepted the other for who they were (flaws and all). 

      This story still has the extremely, steamy sexual scenes and expletive language like the previous book, but it is so much more. This is a more complete story, in my opinion. This book has romance with a happily ever after. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.  I loved Willow and Teddy together. I loved that you got to know and understand the characters more. I loved "The Band-Aids" and "A Well-Read Book" concept or analysis. I have many favorite quotes, too many to list. One of my favorite quotes is: 
     "You Kiss me like you're on fire."  "Because you make me burn." 
4 1/2 Sexy Stars!

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is my honest and unbiased review.**

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Sexy Men of Cascadia

A Bear's Protection

Roxie Noir (Author)

5 Stars!

      Cora is a young woman, who is leaving her friends and family behind, to move across the country to get away from a stalker. She has decided to move to the shifter state of Cascadia. Cora feels that this move is a new start for her and hopes that she can feel safe again. She is a feisty woman with a vulnerable side. 

     Ash is a police officer, who takes his job seriously. Hunter is a veterinarian.  Ash and Hunter have been friends since they were teenagers. They are bear shifters and are a mate pair. Ash and Hunter are looking for a woman to complete their triad. They truly love each other.

     When Cora speeds into their lives, Ash and Hunter are both hooked / smitten. They know that she is the woman that they have been waiting for. Cora is not looking for love, but she feels an instant connection / reaction to both men as well. When things start to happen with the stalker, Cora doesn't tell the men everything. Ash and Hunter tell Cora that they can protect her. They feel very protective and a little possessive of Cora. I loved that Cora could count on the two men, when she needed them the most.

     This is a very hot, steamy read. It is my first shifter story, but I loved it. The men are extremely sexy together and with Cora (hot sex scenes). I have read other stories by Roxie, and I am never disappointed. This story has romance, action, suspense and great characters. 

     **I received this ARC book in exchange for an unbiased review.**

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another Hot Step Book By Selena Kitt!!

Step Beast

Selena Kitt (Author)

**I received this arc book in exchange for an honest review.**

   I am a huge fan of Selena Kitt's books and step books (in general), so I was not disappointed by this latest book. This story has a wide range of emotions and elements. There is of course forbidden love, but also danger, betrayal, manipulation, tragedy, love, and sex. The story of Conrad "Beast" and Tilly has many twists and and turns with secrets that come out along the way. Tilly fell hard for Beast as a teenager. He left to serve in Afghanistan. Tilly didn't think that she would see Beast ever again. When Tilly's mother is diagnosed with cancer and is dying, Beast is asked to come spend time with Tilly and her mother. While under the same roof, Tilly realizes that Beast has changed and that she still has feelings for him. The sexual chemistry and tension between these two are intense. The sex is hot and steamy. There is BDSM in this story, an alpha male and a club. I like that Selena Kitt lets you get to know or see into the these two characters. I felt that I could understand them, because we got to know their strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, etc. It made me root for them to have their happily ever after.  I felt that I could understand them, because we got to know their strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, fears, dreams, etc. It made me root for them to have their happily ever after. I feel like I went through every emotion with Beast and Tilly. I cried also. I do recommend this book. 

4 1/2 Stars!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mob Princess and The Special Forces Prince

Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement (Russian Enforcers: The Petrovs Book 4)

Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement

Nic Saint (Author)

5 steamy stars!!!

**Possible Spoilers**

     Russian Enforcer's Royal Engagement starts off with a bang, literally! Then add in a panic room filled with sexual tension and chemistry.

    Diana Petrov is attending her brother's wedding in the kingdom of Montinia, when the palace is rocked by an explosion. Terrorists rush in and hold everyone hostage. Diana escape to a panic room with a sexy stranger that she had noticed earlier, not by her choice. Jack, aka Prince Jacques, tries to keep Diana in the room and safe. He is used to being in charge from his background in special forces. Diana is feisty and the two argue. She wants to have someone take care of her or protect her for a change. Because of who Diana's family is, men don't think that she needs to be taken care of. After they become intimate, Jack instantly feels protective and possessive of Diana. Jack decides that he won't let anyone hurt Diana. He makes Diana feel safe and feel other things that she hadn't felt in along time if ever. The terrorists force Diana with Jack to exit the panic room by threatening to shot her family. It is discovered that the terrorists were there looking for Diana. Jack tells the terrorists that they are engaged, so Diana and Jack will be able to stay together. Diana discovers through these men, who she really is, her real family tree and her family fortune. The terrorists take a lot from Diana ($ hint) She is lost and torn regarding Jack. Diana is in loving with a Prince Jack, but feels she is not good enough / not in his league. Jack convinces Diana to stay a little longer and more trouble follows.

    It does turn out great and I hope that you read this book. I loved it!! I appreciated that Nic Saint let us see all sides / facets of the main characters (Diana, Jack). We get to see their hope and dreams, their fear, and struggles (I feel anyways). I highly recommend this book. I believe that these characters could be real.

**I was gifted this arc book in exchange for an honest an unbiased review.**

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wonderful Start To The Series!

Pursued: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (His Domination Book 1)

Pursued: An Alpha Billionaire's Romance (His Domination Book 1)

Cynthia Dane (Author)

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review!**

     Pursued is the first of three books in a series. It is a great start to this series of Monica and Henry.

     Monica Graham is a submissive, who has run away / escaped from an abusive Dom (ex boyfriend). She has to find a way to survive and starts a business catering to wealthy men with similar tastes. Henry Warren attends one of the dinners at Monica's club, The Chateau, with his friend. He starts sending her expensive gifts and notes. Henry wants to have a relationship (sexual) with Monica. They both see something in each other. "We're two halves." When you think thinks are going to work out for Monica, Jackson Lyle, Monica's ex, sends a threatening note.

     I love how the author allowed us to see Monica's vulnerability and fears. I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for the next one. I need to know what happens with Monica and Henry.

4 1/2 stars

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Burning Hot Firemen

Burning Lust (An MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Burning Lust (A MMF Bisexual Threesome)

Roxie Noir (Author)

     Katie moves back to her hometown and starting a new job. When trying to start a fire in the fireplace, the home begins to fill with smoke and firemen are are arriving on the scene. To Kate's surprise, one of the firefighters is her high school crush, Patrick. Katie is shocked that Patrick remembers her, since he was the popular football player. She meets his partner, Sam, who is also a ski and rafting instructor. Katie becomes torn, because she is attracted to and wants both men. Patrick and Sam have secrets that Katie doesn't know about, but they are willing to tell her or show it to her.

     I love a good menage story and love this one. I love Roxie Noir's menage stories. I only wish that this story was a little bit longer. I would love to know what happens next for Patrick, Sam, and Katie.

4 1/2 sexy stars!

Needed and Wanted!

Becoming Brad's

Becoming Brad's

Aubrey Cullens (Author)

     Brad is a 32 year old general contractor, who seems to have everything going for him. Justin is a 20 something kid, who is constantly screwing up. His sister, Hannah, always has to help Justin out or fix it. He has been lost and out of control, since the death of their parents. When Justin messing up again while sister is on her honeymoon, her gay neighbor Brad is there to help him out for a price. Brad discovers Justin hungover and hurt in Hannah trashed apartment. Brad takes care of his hands and immediately feels protective and progressive of the straight man. Brad tell Justin that he will fix the apartment for sexual favors. He agrees and tells Brad that he needs him. Brad wants to be needed by someone and wants to take care of someone special. As their time together processes, Brad starts to feel guilty and thinks that Justin doesn't really care about him. Justin thinks that Brad only wants him for one thing and that he is wanted or desired. When Hannah comes home Brad feels that he needs to push Justin away. This causes both men to be hurt, but more so for Justin. Both Brad and Justin are lonely, vulnerable men, who want to find love. There is a lot of misunderstanding or unspoken feelings between the men. When Hannah asks Brad to help find Justin, he wonders if he might have cause some of Justin's latest problems. When Justin is found, he wonders if he might have a second chance with Brad.

    I love this story. I didn't expect the ending. I feel like I went through every emotion in this story (laughter, tears, etc). The characters had great chemistry. The author made you really care for and root for Brad and Justin.

Characters = 5 stars
Sexy / Hotness = 5 stars
Story / Plot = 5 stars
Recommend it to Others = yes!
Overall 5 stars !!